Audi Genuine Alloy Wheels:
Proven strength. Singular style.

Beyond the practicality and safety of an Audi Winter Wheel & Tire Package,[1] Audi Genuine Alloy Wheels are technically superb, passing a demanding battery of tests before they can bear the Audi name:

  • Curve Rotation : This endurance test imparts the typical driving forces the wheel encounters when cornering. It helps prove t he structural strength of the rim and the quality of its casting.
  • Radial Impact and Ridge Testing: These tests simulate t he forces that are experienced in a side collision with a curb and when driving over potholes. If you live in an area where roads are less than ideal, you can appreciate the importance of such testing.
  • Acid Salt and Extreme Climate: Subjects the multilayer paint and protective coating to severe light, weather and corrosive forces to help ensure t hat the finishes can be used in all climates.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Audi wheels must meet a vast range of U.S. government standards.

Audi winter wheel advantages:

  • Dynamic designs complement your specific Audi model.
  • Tested to exacting specifications for exceptional performance.
  • Precision metallurgy and casting produce outstanding strength.
  • Multicoat processes help ensure beautiful, durable finishes.


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1 When driving during cold, snowy or icy conditions, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with appropriate all-season or winter weather tires. Even with appropriate tires you must always drive in a manner appropriate for the weather, visibility and road conditions. Tires are supplied and warranted by their manufacturer.